Business Focused

We specialize in developing and implementing software for business improvement.

Sustainable Change

We partner with our clients to implement long-lasting, sustainable changes that make your business or operation run more smoothly.

Long-term Partnerships

We look after your needs of operating with a new piece of software, instead of just trying to get done with a development project we can "throw over the wall."

Fit Your Needs

We excel at understanding your needs and turning them into a specification for a better process and software application – our key strength is helping you figure out what you need your software to do for you, and then implementing that software.

Let's Talk.

We'd be pleased to arrange an informal, no-obligation meeting in which we can learn more about you and your needs. Simply fill out the form and we will be in touch with you soon.


  • We manage our own licensed software products.
  • We help our business partners keep their software products running.
  • We assist in the commercialization of new software innovation.

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  • We support the development of business partner inventions.
  • We build software for customers to use internally.
  • We support business operations, providing the role of your IT department.

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  • We provide project management leadership and other resource fulfillment to help clients deliver projects.
  • We analyze information for clients to help interpret and make useful the data they use to run their businesses.
  • We facilitate managing a portfolio of projects.

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