Trusted Technology Advisors

As trusted technology advisors, we help our clients make improvements in their business by offering a structured, yet flexible, approach to simplifying business practices, aligning resource goals and measures, and integrating technological advances.

The goal of each engagement is to assist our clients in identifying their technology strategy and then lead them through the process of how to implement necessary changes in a way that produces a more effective and efficient business model.

Business Partners

Building software is our core competency. Our passion is launching new businesses to offer products where there is a need. Our effectiveness is heightened when partnering with connected and knowledgeable organizations within our industry.

Arivium Core Values

Commitment to customers
We will always perform our duties in the most ethical manner.
Commitment to colleagues and associates
We understand the need to balance work and family.
Commitment to community
We will be actively involved in the positive growth of our community.
Commitment to growth and sustainability
We will always strive to continually improve our service to clients.

Our Team

We are experienced technology consultants with over 50 combined years among our leadership team. Our experts were trained by some of the most established and respected consulting organizations in the world.

  • Darren Brown Founder, President

    Technology entrepreneur with global consulting and product commercialization experience.

  • Scott Gilliam Partner, Consultant

    Product Manager for Trademarx, a former software engineer transformed to lead a product company.

  • Linda Connor Project Management, Consultant

    Business Development and Project Management extraordinaire focused on delivering real business value.

  • James Bund Consultant

    Lead craftsman, instrumental in setting direction for technical solutions and conducting analysis.

  • Adam Bohil Consultant

    Software Apprentice who supports the infrastructure, tests software, administers our databases, and provides reporting.

  • Tieson Trowbridge Developer

    Front-end software Jedi, making the software we produce intuitive and functional.